An offshore company cannot be opened directly with any offshore Jurisdictions it has to be done through registered agents and we are proud to be registered agents of Ajman Freezone Authority

The Client

Client Approaches Registered Agent Ace Management System Consultants

The Registered Agent

We as Registered Agent will Prepare all documents and Get it signed by client

Ajman Free Zone

Certificate of Incorporation & Articles of Association will be issued in 1 day by Ajman Freezone Authority

Bank Account Opening

Bank Account Opening, Ace Management System Consultants provides assistance to open a bank account in UAE, we have great relationship with local banks, we do not charge any additional fee for such services, Banking assistance is complementary from our side.


  • Passport copy.
  • Proof of residence – Telephone bill; or – Electricity bill; or – Water bill; or – Bank statement; or – Bank reference letter from your bank showing that you have personal account with this bank mention residence address of residing country. (not older than 3 months,)
  • Name of the company (2-3 of your choice)The name of the Company needs to end with the words: – Limited – Corporation – Incorporated – Unlimited – or abbreviated Ltd, Corp, Inc or SA.
  • Payment Of AED7500/-to the bank account of Ace Management System Consultants


Step 1

You have to Contact us through email or phone for free consultantion regarding your offshore business setup in Ajman Freezone UAE

Step 2

You have to provide us required documents and 3 company names for your Offshore Company. Names should not contain Dubai, Ajman, Forex, Finance, Bank, Insurance, or names of any famous people or country

Step 3

Once Name approved you have to make payment for offshore registration

Step 4

We will email you official application form and Articles of Association (You have to print it sign and return us original documents)

Step 5

We will Present the documents to the Registrars office for Verification

Step 6

We will courier you original Certificate of Incorporatison along with Articles of Association and Company Stamp

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